Wednesday, February 6, 2013

one time, we went skydiving

 tanners birthday was back in august and on the morning of his birthday i woke him up and told him to get dressed. then we got in the car and he kept asking where we were going. i, being awful at surprises, was excited that he didn't know what was going on. he kept guessing what we were doing and then he asked, "are we going skydiving?" what?!! how in the world did he guess that? i caved and told him yes.. 
skydiving is awesome. what a rush! 
the first thing they do is have you watch a movie made in the 80's about how they're not liable for death or anything going wrong. then after 15 minutes of hearing that you could die, you sign a waiver indicating you understand and can't do anything about it. how's that for comfort? we jumped in our itty bitty plane and started heading up, and up, and up. i asked about half way if we were getting close and they said not really. the thing i liked most is that it's pretty rushed.. they don't give you time to second guess if you want to go through with it. we reached our elevation and in 5 seconds we were outta there. the freefall is so fun! the collar on my shirt kept whipping my ear and i thought my ear was going to tear off.
i liked the freefall more than when we opened our parachute. after the parachute opened we started making large circles to land and it made me queasy. tanner said he also felt sick and wasn't even able to drive home. other than the ear whipping and the queasiness, it was awesome!


  1. I hated the free fall. I couldn't breathe the entire time! I was screaming just to let air escape my lungs! I liked it so much better when the parachute went out and everything was silent and warm and I could take in the California valley. Our lovely before video stared a man in a cave that can only be described as a wizard. Miles and I laughed through the whole video!

  2. Haha those pics of tanner are priceless. So awesome.

  3. you're such a babe! this feels like forever ago. i don't know if i could do this. haha.

  4. I'm sure you guys had a blast. I actually envy you because I haven't tried skydiving before but I seriously considering it this coming April. That is two month from now. Enough time to meditate and think. LOL. :)

  5. HAHAHA! so flattering! dude this is hilarious. you are such a babe. (not fair, ps)

    also - can i have your hair?
    aaaaaaand... i would have been cursing like a sailor the entire time.


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