Monday, September 1, 2014

oregon coast pt. 1

 we spent an evening in coos bay and we ate a restaurant called shark bite. i only bring this up because i had the best halibut burger in the world there. i liked it so much i wrote a review on yelp about it. so if you're ever in the area.....

tanner surfed in the evening while i hung out with cuba on the beach. cuba loved the sand, but was terrified of the water. it was hilarious watching her try to get a buoy in the water.

these pictures were taken as we drove up the coast and passed through florence. we were ready to get out and stretch out legs so we pulled off onto a desolate road in the middle of grassy fields and hills. we knew the ocean was on the other side of the hill so went to check it out. i don't know if it was because it was a nice day or what, but i fell in love with this beach. i wish more than anything we had spent all day there. the sand was so soft and it went on for miles. the grass on the hill reminded me of the east coast and i just loved everything about it. we ran around with cuba for a while, took some pictures, and continued on our trip.


  1. haha love the picture of cuba in the middle of the road!


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