Tuesday, September 2, 2014

oregon coast // pt. 2

 we went to indian beach, in cannon beach, last year and wanted to go again. we had awesome weather last year and this time it was a bit on the nippy and dreary side. the mist was really heavy and my hair was wet even though i couldn't feel it getting wet. again, cuba and i watched tanner surf from the beach. tanner said the water was so cold it felt like he was getting punched in the head every time he went under. not my ideal weather for the beach, but the scenery was beautiful. i've never even touched the water in oregon because i know it's just cold.. maybe one day i will.



  1. haha you should totally try surfing in oregon! with your wetsuit and hood and everything you'll be fine ;) loooove these pictures, oregon is gorgeous!

  2. Darlene! i am loving all these oregon posts!! the pics are so beautiful. and so are you! might i add i love you're spiritual gangster shirt hahaha. you're the best!! so glad you guys got to take this trip together


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