Wednesday, March 2, 2016

turkey // cappadocia part 2

 these pictures can speak for themselves and sums up our morning in cappadocia before we caught a flight back to istanbul. they do the hot air balloons every morning (weather permitting) and we were hoping it would fit in our schedule to ride in one but it didn't and seeing them from the top of a hill was just as cool to me. if you have read my past posts about turkey, you may have sensed a pattern that i wasn't feeling well and was exhausted. this morning was no exception when our alarm went off at 6am and i literally told tanner i did not care to go see the balloons and needed to sleep. he obviously talked me into going and said he wouldn't go if i didn't and i knew he really wanted to go..  oh the things we do for love ;) we had to walk up quite a few hills to get the view we did but watching the balloons with the sunrise was quite romantic. tanner is really good at not missing out on anything and 99% of the time, i am glad he is that way. we took a flight back to istanbul that morning, had a few hours to go to the grand bazaar, then caught another flight to paris that night. i had one day to explore paris before i went home to film a wedding. seriously, one of the fastest, jam packed trips we've taken, but worth every second. 


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