Wednesday, March 2, 2016

turkey // cappadocia

^^ do you see tanner?

 ^^ our cutest little hotel

 ^^ and we slept in a cave!

 ^^ it felt a lot bigger than this picture shows

 cappadocia was one of our favorite places we've ever been to. we took an overnight bus from pamukkale (hopefully my last overnight bus i will ever take) and spent the day in this awesome city. our hotel provided us with breakfast and then we took a tour that had four different stops. the first was an overlook of the city and then we walked through a canyon that reminded me a lot of utah. our third stop were some caves that we could explore and get an idea of how people used to live in them and the last stop was an underground fortress that was used for protection during wars. i can't remember exactly how big the fortress was but i want to say it was about 17 floors underground. people would sometimes stay in there for weeks depending on what was going on above ground with the war. it was claustrophobic being in there for the tour, let alone thinking about living in there. 

the coolest thing about this city was how it was all built into the rock. we saw parts that were lived in hundreds, thousands of years ago and then the city was more modern but still used the caves and rocks as hotels and restaurants. we want to go back with kids because i feel like it would be their imaginations dream to explore the caves and run around rocks all day. i'm not into mountain biking or anything but this would be a fun place to give it a try. we ate dinner that night in a restaurant that overlooked the city and it was just as cool at night as it was in the day. i slept like a rock that night hehe.


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