Wednesday, March 2, 2016

turkey // pamukkale

 we took an early flight from istanbul to pamukkale our second day in turkey and spent the entire day there. we didn't do a whole lot of research on this place because the pictures online sold us. it really was incredible although all the springs weren't open and there were hundreds of people around. we were dropped off at an area with lots of ruins in which we needed to walk through to get to the springs. we still don't know any of the history behind them but they were neat to see and imagine what it was like thousands of years ago. i remember it being very hot.. and i  was very hungry.. and very exhausted from pregnancy.. i started to kind of lose it at one point and just wanted to sleep under a tree and i had to stop a lot just to sit down. 

we made it to the springs and they were pretty incredible overlooking the valley. the mountains around us looked like snow and the water was a chalky blue. the springs weren't deep at all.. maybe two feet deep in some areas, but they were nice to sit in to cool down a little. i think they control where the water flows during certain times of the year because the pictures on google were different than what we experienced. we found a lot of more secluded pools but without water in them and i'm assuming they have water in them during their high season. 

we hung out at the springs for a while and then went to get some food. this resort area is really secluded and the only food you can get to is what they offer there. the food was crap. it was worse than what you would find in a ghetto cafeteria and of course overpriced. this was a little frustrating for a pregnant chick. i got a little pizza and fries and even tanner agreed it was horrible. they didn't offer much and i'm venting more than it really matters but we were there allll day and that's all they had. end rant.

this resort had a nice hot spring pool that only adults were allowed to be in. there were ruins in the pool that was really neat to swim around and see. i had felt extremely bloated that day and thought i looked "huge" with child and that pool felt so nice to float in. i can't believe i don't have one picture of it! i didn't want to get out because it felt so good to have that pressure taken off of my stomach. we were pretty much stranded there for the day because we were taking an overnight bus to our next destination and didn't have anything else planned. we ended up finding some spots in the grass and i took a needed nap and then we walked to some more ruins. after we had our feel and were ready to get some real food for dinner, we left to grab a taxi. the taxi was a rip off so we decided to walk to the nearest town to get dinner. you can imagine how i felt about that.. it was about 2 miles which wasn't horrible but i wasn't in the mood for it. turned out to be just fine and took we were graced with a gorgeous sunset and a good dinner.


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