Tuesday, July 23, 2013

a baby story.. thus far

 (i've been horrible about getting good pictures taken, but my phone does the trick)

i love looking back at my first "belly" shots and realizing there is nothing there. at 8 weeks i could have sworn i was pooching out. but really, i was just bloated. it's kind of a countdown now! next week i'll be into my 3rd trimester. i've hit the nesting zone and thankfully, i have a husband who is as eager to get things ready as i am. i mentioned the colors i wanted to paint the nursery one evening and next thing i knew, we were at home depot buying them. the painting is almost done, thanks to tanner (he didn't let me paint anything haha) and i'm finding pieces of furniture i like. it's hard figuring out what is necessary and weaning out what we don't need. it's all a learning process. i want to get things i can use through all my kids but i understand all my kids will be different. but i'm having a lot of fun with it! i usually get stressed out with home decorating stuff, but i'm loving getting the nursery ready and buying her cute clothes. 

i want to share about when i found out i was pregnant. tanner and i had talked last fall about starting a family. i went off birth control and for the next 2-3 months got a monthly disappointment. we went to thailand for christmas and i thought it would be awesome if we conceived there. (TMI?) it didn't happen. then we came home and were in the middle of house shopping but also weren't having a whole lot of luck with that. looking at a place to buy was consuming our time and i stopped talking about getting pregnant and just put it off until we had a plan. then one blessed day, we looked at a house that i wanted so bad the moment we saw it. it had everything we wanted. the neighborhood was great. it was a great place to start a family. this day, (february 13th) just so happened to be our 3rd anniversary. after falling in love with the house, tanner went back to work and i went home. on the drive home, i kept thinking, how awesome would it be if i was pregnant and we got the house? first thing i did when i got home was whip out a dollar store pregnancy test. after waiting, i only saw one pink line. my heart sank. but..... there was a very very faint second pink line. i thought i was imagining it. it was faint enough to make me run to the store to buy the mother of tests, first response. after waiting a minute or so, two pink lines showed as clear as day. best. feeling. ever. i jumped up and down, i laughed, i cried, i sank to my knees and gave thanks. we weren't planning on celebrating our anniversary until valentines because we had a lot going on. i decided to wait a whole day to tell tanner so it would be special. i'm horrible with surprises so waiting killed me a little. the restaurant setting was all too perfect. it was romantic, we were in a good mood, the place was showered in roses, and the food was delicious. waiting for the right moment to give tanner the test, i'm sure was like how a guy feels when he's going to propose. i was nervous and excited! i had given tanner random gifts throughout the day to open and after our appetizer, i told him i had one more gift for him. i handed him a jewelry box, with the test inside. he opened it, paused a moment and then got the biggest smile i had ever seen. he teared up and gave me a kiss and said he was so happy.
perfect moment. 

(oh, and we got the house we really wanted! yayayay!) 

HOW FAR ALONG? 27 weeks
MATERNITY CLOTHES? two pairs of pants :) i wear a lot of skirts
STRETCH MARKS? Not yet.. hopefully never haha
BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK? buying a stroller and getting started on the nursery.
MOVEMENT: yes, a lot! i love it! she is starting to put pressure in places where it kind of hurts, but it's still exciting.
FOOD CRAVINGS: i've had my first weird one. i crave earth? there is a certain smell after it rains on a hot day that i just want to eat. but, i settle for snowcones instead. i have LOVED shaved ice! 
ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEESY OR SICK? if i don't eat, i'll feel queesy.
GENDER: girl! so happy!
MILESTONES: baby is almost 2 pounds and 14ish inches long. almost to the 3rd trimester!



  1. Dar! I am dyin here. this is so sweet! all of the pictures of your adorable self! You are such a beautiful pregnant person.
    And i loved what you wrote about telling tanner. That all worked out perfectly! so amazing. you guys are so kind,giving, and down to earth.. you guys deserve the best! Love you!

  2. Hooray for baby girls! You look beautiful (as always) and I'm jealous that you are getting your stuff together!! I feel like I still don't have my stuff together and she could show her face any day! ha... Oh well, such is life for the Essigs right now :)

  3. Congratulations you two! I am happy you are doing well!

  4. I found your IG by way of the lovetaza family hash tag going on right now. What a beautiful sweet girl you have been given. And her name, just gorgeous. My heart sank when I saw the photos of her beautiful little grave. I came over to your blog to tell you how deeply grieved I was to see it. I lost my firstborn son Archer on the day he was born nearly 3 years ago and While the grief has lost its potency I will never forget him, or the pain of that early first grief.

    I so wish I could give you a hug, from one mama to another. Know that way over here in canada someone is praying for you, trusting in the faithful one to guard your heart and soul and to give you comfort. We have hope in Him as an anchor for our souls in wretched storms. With Love,

    A sister in Christ.


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