Friday, July 20, 2012

rotten luck

i've never really had bad luck. i have even had thoughts of how blessed i am that things just always work out. that may sound conceded, but it's true. things have just worked out for me in the past. that is, until this week. i've had more bad things happen to me this last week than in my entire life combined. i don't know what i am cursed with, but i hope it goes away soon. have you ever, forgotten your battery charger and extra battery in mccall before you left to europe? have you ever had your laptop crash with footage from a three day wedding on it? what about leaving a 16 gig memory card in italy with important footage on it? wait, have you lost two burnt DVD's that you meant to give to a client? how about that time you left your hard drive on top of your car only to realize it once you got to your desitantion?????!!?!!! that hard drive was my life. now it's most likely smashed somewhere on the road. i called tanner tonight and had the ultimate melt down. i'm ready to throw in the towel. i've seriously had it. i've always wanted to own my little videography company and now that's it's kind of taking off, every thing that could possibly go wrong, has. i want to sell my camera and say i tried. this won't happen of course. but at this moment all i want to do is shower and shave my armpits that have been neglected. i need sleep. 

on a lighter note, amsterdam, holland was pretty cool.

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