Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the moving man

 the other day a friend of mine told me i'm always doing fun things. i agreed with her. but it also got me thinking of all the things i may take advantage of at times. just about every weekend we're going away somewhere, even if it's just mccall. i really noticed it when i had a job and i was constantly trying to get shifts covered or i'd ask for time off.  i've also realized i'm more of a home body then i thought. i really enjoy doing fun things, but i also enjoy just being at home. tanner on the other hand can't stay put. if we are home for more than three weeks, he starts itching to get away somewhere. anywhere. this keeps things exciting and interesting in our relationship. i've seen more places in the last two years then most people see in their lifetime. and i'm very grateful for that.


Monday, January 30, 2012

winter carnival

candyland was my personal favorite

we met up with brooks, cristi, and nixon for the winter carnival on saturday morning. of course we ate at the pancake house and of course there was over an hour wait. we walked around some of the sculptures while we were waiting to be seating and it was COLD!! we didn't get to far before we made our way back to the pancake house to warm up. we ended up staying and looked around the christmas shop. breakfast was really good. i ordered my pineapple sourdough pancake with coconut syrup like usual and the first bite always makes me happy. 
after we were too full to get up, we managed to venture out to check out the rest of the sculptures. sadly, they were lacking this year. could have been the delay of snow, but not as many people participated like usual. that doesn't mean the town wasn't crazy busy. i have never seen so many people in mccall. 
it was really fun to be amidst the hustle and bustle of this little town!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

gettin down on friday

i don't normally post on the weekend, but i decided to break it up and 
warn you of the picture overload that's in store for tomorrow.
this was friday.
we took a break from work and headed up to mccall thursday night. we woke up early to get out to the mountain but ended up leaving at noon. that's the beauty of a ski-in-ski-out cottage.
the snow was decent, a bit crusty on top but most of it was pretty powdery. can't complain. we weren't really prepared and didn't bring any food with us so by the time dinner rolled around, we had worked up a hearty appetite. i finished my burger before tanner finished his meal and this NEVER happens. he doesn't chew his food. 
we went up for the annual mccall winter carnival and it was the opening weekend. the fire and slide ice features were outside of the restaurant we ate at. the slide was super fast and my bum was really cold after. it was so worth it :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


my post tonight is a boring and plain, but i've had a BUSY day. i did three sets of eyelashes and then looked at houses and now we're headed out the door to mccall for some skiiiiiiing. oh yeah, i even called on a person who is selling their bull dog puppies. and this is what took up my day. i was really excited about a house we went to look at today. it was built in 1910 but was remodeled. it has so much character and was located in a great place just 2 minutes from the city. i was so bummed to find out it was on the corner of one of the busiest streets in boise! it had a gorgeous wrap around porch, wrap around windows in the kitchen, wood floors, you know, all the good fixings.
i don't know if i'll get over it. 
anyways, if you're like me, i eat ice cream to cope with my problems and then try to find something good to watch on hulu. but, if you already have your ice cream and need something good to watch, check out my latest wedding video "short" at:


this also makes me happy


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

another furry friend

 business in the front

and a party in the back

another furry trend that i saw at last years fashion trade show are these raccoon key chains. 
i really don't know if this will catch on, but i like it. 
tanner brought me this one from china and it even has a little face on it.
i wish mine was thicker and longer, so i'm keeping my eye out for one. let me know if you see any :)
last week i was in the post office and had it in my back pocket like this and an old man grabbed my arm and told me i look like i have a tail. i think he thought we was being clever..
what a cute old man.

p.s. copied this outfit right from this cute girl

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

animal friends...

with furry hoods.

they keep your hands warm!
my animal friend at sundance

here are some links you can buy yours at! :)



Monday, January 23, 2012


 gas station food, is the best food

 sissy sue with her steak and lobster

we took a semi-unexpected trip to utah this last weekend. once we were there, we realized it was the sundance film festival so we took an unexpected trip to park city. and then we ran into mario lopez unexpectedly. sometimes unexpected things are the best way to do things. it was such a good time! 
we weren't in a hurry for anything and we could just enjoy our time there. we met up with my sister, crystal, and her boyfriend, chase, for dinner. i ordered pasta, like usual, and she ordered steak and lobster... i feel bad for chase :)
then we went to see estef whom we haven't seen in over 2 years!  she is the same silly mexican i've always known (except she is still in missionary mode after six months of being home.)
we were able to catch up on our lives while strolling main street for hours.
if it weren't for the cold, we'd still be there.


Friday, January 20, 2012

hey, over here!

I'm over here today with howdoesshe
Go check it out and learn more about wearing high-waisted pants :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

i'm tryin

i'm trying to eat a bit healthier. my boot camp instructor told me that 80% of my workout is my diet. 
at first i thought, ah phewy. and then i noticed a difference by cutting my carbs and sugars a little. i haven't knocked them out of my diet completely. i think i'd die. i just don't indulge on them like usual. sometimes when i eat i have to remind myself i'm not a starving person and i will be eating again. sorry, that sounded a bit rude.. but really, i'm very blessed that food is something i don't need to worry about. now, in these pictures is a fruit and spinach smoothie. i've heard great things about it and they were all right. i did add some sugar.. although i don't think you're supposed to. i shared some with tanner and told him there was spinach in it and he didn't believe me. so, this is now my secret smoothie. it's great for after working out!
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