Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the moving man

 the other day a friend of mine told me i'm always doing fun things. i agreed with her. but it also got me thinking of all the things i may take advantage of at times. just about every weekend we're going away somewhere, even if it's just mccall. i really noticed it when i had a job and i was constantly trying to get shifts covered or i'd ask for time off.  i've also realized i'm more of a home body then i thought. i really enjoy doing fun things, but i also enjoy just being at home. tanner on the other hand can't stay put. if we are home for more than three weeks, he starts itching to get away somewhere. anywhere. this keeps things exciting and interesting in our relationship. i've seen more places in the last two years then most people see in their lifetime. and i'm very grateful for that.



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