Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a few videos i've been working on

van delano hollenback from darlene dame on Vimeo.

i've been working on expanding my videography business to more than just weddings and have used some friends to get some sample work going. thanks megan and drew, who let me borrow them and their sweet addition, van, for an idea of what a little family video could look like.  also thanks to grant and taylor for letting me use them as a sample "save the date" video. if you're interested in booking any kind of video, whether it be wedding, family, engagement, commercial, real estate... anything! let me know at goldenmomentsmedia@gmail.com :)

grant & taylor // save the date from darlene dame on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


 we went to the city of kuala lumpar while in malaysia. we only had a day there so we made the most of it. first, we went to the batu caves. we hiked up lots and lots of stairs to get to these caves and they were worth it! the caves were huge and we saw and fed a lot of monkeys. we had an awesome view of the city as well. ana and i got our henna on because we were going to little india next. it was the appropriate thing to do.

 sushi on a conveyer belt. not the best sushi i've had, but cool idea.

i didn't really get any pictures of little india but it was cool. lots of food to eat and shopping to do. i unfortunately couldn't buy anything.. tanner gave me a budget that i had unfortunately spent by then.. our last stop for the day was at the glorious patrona towers. they are the tallest twin towers in the world and quite a sight to see. throughout the day i saw them peeking in between buildings but seeing them at night was something else. outside the towers was a nice plaza area with a fun water show. i was glad we ended our day there. 
we had to wake up at three in the morning to catch a bus to the airport. i must have still been asleep when we got out of the taxi at the bus station because i ended up leaving my beloved monopod in the trunk. that thing wasn't cheap either and i had carried it with me for two weeks and just had a few days left. my advice to the weary, don't bring expensive stuff with you while you travel. i've had too many hiccups happen and lots of money out the window. or, just be smarter than me :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


tanner getting his feet cleaned. i was surprised he did it because he has the most sensitive feet of anyone i've ever known. we got foot massages almost every night.

our first day in cambodia was spent on a boat tour of a floating village. it was just my in laws and tanner and i who were able to leave early to visit cambodia. the rest of the family met with us later in thailand. i didn't know what to expect of the country. i knew it was 3rd world, but, i've never seen such poverty. i thought the city was dirty when we first arrived but soon realized it was actually clean compared to the outskirts. it was interesting to watch how people live their lives.  it was one of those situations where really, they didn't mind their living circumstances because they didn't know any better. it was a humbling experience.

 this is one of my favorite pictures from cambodia. southeast asia is known for it's monasteries and monks converting at a young age. i guess you can convert at any age. some people are monks for a day while others stay true their whole lives. 

 i'm not an indiana jones fan, but one of the movies was filmed in this temple.

we stumble upon these silly tourist picture opportunities all the time but, this one was only a dollar. tanner was stoked!

our second day in cambodia was spent touring several different ruins of ancient temples. they were quite fascinating with all the detail that was put into them. the one where indiana jones was filmed, had huge trees growing right through the stone. we finished the day with a tour of angkor wat, the most famous temple. all of them were beautiful. the thing i remember most about this day was how stinkin hot it was. i was going on my third day wearing the same clothes (thanks to our luggage getting lost) and felt really gross. not to be negative, because the experience was amazing, but i just wish i had some shorts and a t-shirt for this day. i might have enjoyed it a little more. cambodia is an awesome country with lots of history and things to do and see. we were cut short a day because we missed a flight but you could really spend a few days here.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

this is a post about blossoms

i love the spring. who doesn't? i also love the summer, fall and winter.. i'm a lover of all seasons. i love the change it brings and the feelings that come with it.

we recently became homeowners and moved into our new home. i love this new home. we got super lucky with getting into it and feel blessed to be here. today after unpacking a few last boxes, i went for a walk around our neighborhood. i love our new neighborhood. it has children galore, who crowd the streets when they get home from school. there are walking/biking paths, ponds, and a community pool/clubhouse/gym. i brought my camera on my walk and ended up only taking pictures of all the blossoms blooming. i have a love for flowers. i have since, forever. i loved looking at all the things blooming and growing around me. i hope you are all enjoying the spring and i hope you take a second to stop and smell the roses! ;)
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