Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

a dog or a child?

cuba gets A LOT of attention at our house. i have found myself going out of my way to make sure she is comfortable. when ivory passed away, all i wanted was my dog. i couldn't wait to see her when i got home from the hospital. she helped curve my craving for taking care of something who depended on me. she was the reason i as able to get out of bed in the morning because she needed me to feed her and take her on a walk. on days when i just wanted to stay in bed, cuba would be there with me, cuddled in any of my nooks. 
tanner and i have talked about how we feel it was part of the plan to get cuba. some of you may roll your eyes and think "it's just a dog." but this dog is like my child. people told us we were shooting ourselves in the foot getting a puppy right before having a baby. that may have been true.. but since i don't have my baby, i'm SO happy to have my dog. there was a reason we got her when we did.
 ^^i'm not the prettiest in the mornings, but cuba doesn't care ;)
  ^^we have a faux fur rug in the office and cuba can make it look like it snowed in there. i somehow still find it funny.. even though she can be a stinker.
 ^^tanner always holds her like this for some reason
^^she loves to be warm
 ^^you can't see the space heater she's lying in front of
 ^^she loves attention and to cuddle. i've never seen a cuddlier dog.
 ^^well, she kind of demands for attention..
 ^^and she will get attention in any way. i got up for two seconds and she was already in my spot. oh, and she's in heat.. that is our sad "diaper" we made when we ran our of her real diapers.
 ^^as you can tell, cuba takes over my life. i tried to balance it out by getting a goldfish. so this is bieber.. but bieber died after 2 days.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

two wedding video highlights

sarah + victor // highlight from darlene dame on Vimeo.

kelsi + eric // highlight from darlene dame on Vimeo.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

refrain from pride

proof office from darlene dame on Vimeo.

the gospel teaches us not to be boastful or prideful.. 
but i am going to boast because i am so proud of tanner and all of his accomplishments. he has worked really hard and has spent many late nights at proof's new office in towntown boise. he, and all the people at proof, came together and put their creative ideas to work to create an awesome flagship store. to see what it was before, to what it looks like now was a crazy transformation. my sister is law cristi joked about how cool their home would be if her husband spent half as much time doing projects on their house (not that their house needs it, it's beautiful!) that he did at proof. these boys have a great love for their business and they put their heart and soul into it. and it's really paid off! tanner has been so busy, busier than i can ever remember, but i will support him every minute of the way. he does it all for me. he started his MBA program at boise state and has been traveling a lot for work. with work, school, church, and life in general, i don't see him as much as i'd like but he somehow manages to be there for me. 

i love him.

(photo credit to cristi

proof opened up their store front a couple weeks ago and it's honestly a miracle they finished it on time. i guess that's the good thing about deadlines, things get done. these boys built nearly everything you see. they did the floors out of pallets and built the shelves and front desk out of piping. the back wall took forever to put together. there is an awesome barn wood sliding door (that isn't pictured) that is one of my favorite touches. they opened it up to the public with a bbq and prizes. we were all impressed with the turnout! it was busy all night! boise is a great place to live and i love the support from the community. we are fortunate to live here. a special thanks to our friends and family that could make it! it really meant a lot to us, and i know especially to tanner. you all are the best!

i have one more thing to be proud of... cuba graduated from her first course of puppy training! she can now sit, shake, lay down, stand, and leave treats until you tell her to eat them. way to go cuba!
(yes, i'm wearing the same outfit, and yes, cuba is in a bikini top.. it was halloween :))


Sunday, November 3, 2013

family pictures

my friend michelle took these of us the other week. i was impressed with what she got, because i felt like we gave her nothing to work with. we were losing daylight and rushing to get to a game and cuba just wanted to run around. michelle was a champ and did her thing. i like what she captured even though my face is the roundest i've ever seen it.. time to do something about that, haha.
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