Saturday, February 15, 2014

the corndog in me

 we decided to do valentines at home this year. our anniversary is the 13th so we usually combine the two to celebrate. i mean, that's only practical right? but.... i feel like they need to be separated sometimes. we went out to dinner for our anniversary and had zero plans for valentines. i decided to be a corndog and do something special for tanner. you have to understand that i feel so stupid doing things like this. i don't know why, i just do. if i ever wear lingerie, i jump right into bed and hide until the lights are turned off. i just feel dumb trying to be romantic.

since this was our 4th valentines together, i got 4 red balloons and taped little notes on them with reasons of why i love tanner. 

i made lobster, tiger shrimp, steamed carrots, and attempted twice baked potatoes. lobster is not as scary to prepare as i thought it would be. it's superrrr easy! and way cheaper than in a restaurant.  as far as my attempt to twice baked potatoes.. i failed. tanner loves them and i've never even made a backed potato until i tried last night. i let them bake for an hour and fifteen minutes and they were still hard when i took them out of the oven. sooo i tried to scoop out the potato anyway and ended up just making a mess and threw them away. the rest turned out good though :)


 tanners favorite desert is cheesecake. and you can't have a valentine dinner without chocolate dipped strawberries.

i nervously waited for tanner to get home but his smile was worth being a cheese head. he walked in and said "you did this for me?" with a big smile :DDD  that paper on the table has a picture of boots tanner wanted but they sadly didn't arrive by valentines. the whole point was to give them to him with a note that said "i'm so glad you walked into my life." i've crossed the line now, haven't i?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

6 months.. whoa

i'll be honest with you. this morning, i had not idea it had been 6 months since the day Ivory was born. is that horrible?
 i was laying in bed when i heard the doorbell ring. i wasn't dressed so i looked out the window to see if i recognized the car. it was a floral delivery van so i threw on a robe and went downstairs. the man handed me a beautiful bouquet of white roses. my first thought was "tanner? is this an early valentine/anniversary surprise?" i looked at the note and the first thing i noticed was the date. february 5, 2014. the 5th? how did i not realize it was the 5th? i started counting the months and then was shocked at myself for not even knowing it was Ivory's 6 month birthday.  i read the sweet note that said, "6 white flowers to remember 6 months since her birth." these were delivered from Tanners cousin Lisa and her husband Greg.
 i have truly lost track of time. i had stopped counting the months since Ivory was born because it just reminded me that it was the same amount of months that she had passed. but this was such a sweet reminder of the beauty and joy she brought to my life. february was the month i found out i was pregnant. it was a year ago that i told tanner that we were expecting. i found out on our anniversary and told him on valentines. what a sweet thing that her 6 month birthday would fall on this month. so happy 6 months to you ivory! i love you so!

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