Tuesday, August 30, 2011


it's hard to explain what feelings really feel like. 

i'm in mccall for a girls retreat week. i have such happy feelings being here. i love the feelings i get looking at the glassy lake in the sunset. i love the smell of the pine trees and feeling the wind on my face while sitting in the front of the boat. i love keeping my feet in the shallows of the lake and feeling the wet sand in my toes. i love hearing the water splash on the shore. i love getting lost in thought as i lay on the dock looking at the beauty i'm surrounded by. i love all the wild flowers. i love going to the pancake house and ice cream alley. i love taking cool showers after laying in the sun all day. 

we watched a chick flick last night and i got that tingly, lovey, butterfly feeling when the boy and girl realized they were in love. (although it made me miss tanner) 

i was browsing through blogs late last night and saw holiday pictures. i don't know what the feelings are with holidays, but i felt them. and they felt good. i also saw pictures of true love... and got more lovey feelings.

i love the way i feel when tanner looks at me a certain way and when we have best friend conversations.

i love feelings. especially the good ones. and the best way i can describe what a good feeling is, is love


Sunday, August 28, 2011

las vegas day 3

our serendipity date

 the famous frozen hot chocolate

this has been on my bucket list for a few years.. and i was able to check it off $20 later.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

las vegas day 2

we stayed out late the night before day 2 and i felt so bad for tanner when his alarm went off at 8 in the morning and i got to sleep in. crystal and i started waking up around 10 and ended up laying around watching the kardashians for a few hours. we got ready and walked over to the trade show. tanner asked us if we could pass out fliers.. we tried.. sort of.. but we were too out of it to talk to people. 
(i've realized that i function a million times better if i wake up around 8 and go to be at 10:30.. but this doesn't happen when i'm on vacation.) 
we attempted one more time to hand out fliers and this time we were successful. i saw a bunch of people surrounding a guy and so i asked who he was. well, he was none other than 'ghost face killah' from wu tang! okay, i have only heard of wu tang and i had no clue what their music sounded like. anyways, i took the pair of proofs crystal was modeling and gave them to him. he liked them a lot. i saw tanner a few minutes later and told him what i did. we went back and found 'ghost face killah' to snap a photo with him.
 the overwhelming stack of flyers to pass out.. this is how i deal with being overwhelmed. i sit and hide behind a plant.

 this is tanner and 'ghost face killah' with their proofs
 the cosmopolitan hotel. we are going there for our 100th year anniversary. i can't wait!

 we all went out that night to a party we were invited to. only problem is that crystal isn't 21.. which we forgot about. the boys went in while we sat and took pictures of each other.


Friday, August 26, 2011

viva las vegas

we went to vegas for the magic trade show to promote proof. to break up the 10 hour drive, we stopped in utah to say hello to my family. i asked tanner at the last minute if crystal could come and he said yes! i loved being able to spend so much time with her. she has grown into a beautiful 18 year old. did i say 18? yeah, she's only 18 and is finally starting to look her age. when we're together, without fail someone will ask us who is older. ME! by almost 5 years! i guess someday i'll take it as a compliment. i'm in awe at how many heads she'll turn and especially how many men can be so forward with her. if i had a dime for every guy that told her she was beautiful, i'd die a very rich woman. 

the show goes for three days and this is what we did on day one.. 
 we went up and down this escalator 3 times to get this artsy shot. artsy eh? 

 proofs booth at the show
 complimentary manicures. my nails are now pretty in pink.
 i loved the carnival themed exhibit in ceasars palace.. my favorite one so far.

 it was 110 at 11 in the morning. crystal loved it.. i did not.

 i love him.
 i love crystal.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


"May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live."
-Robert A. Heilein


Sunday, August 21, 2011


we're in vegas for the pool trade show! we set up our booth this afternoon and now we're pooped in the hotel room. my sister just told me to get off my computer since we're in vegas but then she said, "wait, is the strip open all night??" haha. 
this is going to be the best time.

Friday, August 19, 2011

my bad..

last night we invited drew and megan over for dinner and then to go to the fair. on our way to the fair, we kept talking about the funnel cakes, cotton candy and prizes we would win. we pulled into the empty parking lot and noticed that the rides weren't moving.. then we saw the sign. "boise fair, 19-28." we were a day too early. 
i drove past earlier that day and noticed the rides weren't moving, but i just thought it was too hot and they would burn peoples bums. we made up for the disappointment by getting ice cream at fanci freeze and then went to the cheap theater to watch the 4th pirates of the carribean. 
turned out to be a good night.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my first vent to the world

i've been feeling like i've been stuck in a rut. there are many things i want to do, but i'm having a hard time doing them. i want to learn the piano (realllly bad) but i don't have one to practice on. i want to improve my videography, but i don't have my own equipment. i want to put my degree to use, but i don't know what i want to do. i want to run a half marathon, but the closest one is on a sunday. i want to make beautiful dinners, but i don't have my own kitchen. i want to decorate cakes, but i will get fat. i want, i want, i want.. 
i just learned from venting in this post that i'm full of excuses. i believe that you can do anything in life as long as you put forth the effort. as for now, these are all goals that i will accomplish one day.
no more excuses. thank you blogger for helping me realize this.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

date night

to make up not seeing each other in over two weeks, we went out for a date night. we ate at fork and then went to see the movie crazy, stupid love. the food at fork is all locally grown and i highly recommend it :) we love summer nights so we ate on the patio which was streamed with lights and flowers.
there are a lot of restaurants and things to do in boise that we want to take advantage of so we decided to make date night a monthly thing and let each other plan it every other month.
i love having tanner home. 


Friday, August 12, 2011

birthday boy

tanner turned 26 on the 10th. he came home from his california coast trip late the night before and woke me up with a bouquet of flowers and a 'lil fun. (he knows the ways to my heart)  we're currently living with brooks and cristi in boise until we figure out what's next...
our roommates took us out to sushi in downtown boise and then we walked around to look at the art that was being painted on old buildings. we came home and had cake (pinterest) and homemade ice cream. tanner opened a few gifts from me but brooks upped me, waaaay upped me, by giving him 'beats by dre' and a desktop computer. ok, so brooks entered a contest and won $25 thousand dollars worth of HP goodies.. and we have all benefited from it.
life is good. 

seattle flowers

our roomies

wishes still come true

homemade ice cream

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