Friday, August 26, 2011

viva las vegas

we went to vegas for the magic trade show to promote proof. to break up the 10 hour drive, we stopped in utah to say hello to my family. i asked tanner at the last minute if crystal could come and he said yes! i loved being able to spend so much time with her. she has grown into a beautiful 18 year old. did i say 18? yeah, she's only 18 and is finally starting to look her age. when we're together, without fail someone will ask us who is older. ME! by almost 5 years! i guess someday i'll take it as a compliment. i'm in awe at how many heads she'll turn and especially how many men can be so forward with her. if i had a dime for every guy that told her she was beautiful, i'd die a very rich woman. 

the show goes for three days and this is what we did on day one.. 
 we went up and down this escalator 3 times to get this artsy shot. artsy eh? 

 proofs booth at the show
 complimentary manicures. my nails are now pretty in pink.
 i loved the carnival themed exhibit in ceasars palace.. my favorite one so far.

 it was 110 at 11 in the morning. crystal loved it.. i did not.

 i love him.
 i love crystal.



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