Saturday, August 27, 2011

las vegas day 2

we stayed out late the night before day 2 and i felt so bad for tanner when his alarm went off at 8 in the morning and i got to sleep in. crystal and i started waking up around 10 and ended up laying around watching the kardashians for a few hours. we got ready and walked over to the trade show. tanner asked us if we could pass out fliers.. we tried.. sort of.. but we were too out of it to talk to people. 
(i've realized that i function a million times better if i wake up around 8 and go to be at 10:30.. but this doesn't happen when i'm on vacation.) 
we attempted one more time to hand out fliers and this time we were successful. i saw a bunch of people surrounding a guy and so i asked who he was. well, he was none other than 'ghost face killah' from wu tang! okay, i have only heard of wu tang and i had no clue what their music sounded like. anyways, i took the pair of proofs crystal was modeling and gave them to him. he liked them a lot. i saw tanner a few minutes later and told him what i did. we went back and found 'ghost face killah' to snap a photo with him.
 the overwhelming stack of flyers to pass out.. this is how i deal with being overwhelmed. i sit and hide behind a plant.

 this is tanner and 'ghost face killah' with their proofs
 the cosmopolitan hotel. we are going there for our 100th year anniversary. i can't wait!

 we all went out that night to a party we were invited to. only problem is that crystal isn't 21.. which we forgot about. the boys went in while we sat and took pictures of each other.


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  1. 100th year! That is so long. Are your photos outside a gelato shop? Because that place is amazing if they are.


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