Wednesday, June 18, 2014

girls trip to california

back in april, i met my sister and mom in utah and we drove to california to visit my brother who lives in the san diego area. it was a quick trip with a lot of driving but it was way fun. we stopped in vegas the first night and saw the butterfly/flower exhibit and watched the water show. i am not a fan of vegas but we had a really good night. i love the butterfly/flower exhibit and they had the water show playing to singing in the rain. the weather was perfect and we just did enjoyed ourselves. the next morning we drove to san diego, met up with my brother and went to the beach that evening. we went to encinitas the following day and met up with my friends, lex and loren, and just hung out at stone steps beach. again, perfect weather. then our last day in california we drove to LA to go the the Price is Right. we got in line really early because we weren't sure if we'd even get in. well, we did, and it was a long day of waiting. we waited for seven hours before we got into the studio. but it was a dream come true haha. i loved seeing it all happen in person and to be a part of the crowd. it was exciting since i grew up watching the show. we didn't get on the show but the lady sitting next to us did. that is my claim to fame. we hit the rush hour LA traffic afterwards and i was freaking out. that traffic really sucks, especially if you don't know the area. we finally got out of the mess and drove back to vegas that night. then the next morning drove back to utah. and that is our trip all wrapped up in this long paragraph. 

*my mom doesn't like getting her picture taken. i have several of her but she is never looking at the camera haha. love my mama.

Friday, June 6, 2014

photo compilation

this is a long photo compilation of our california road trip because i've been really bad at updating this blog and i might as well get it all on here now. there is no order.. just my favorite photos that were taken. i love road trips. i love to see all the beauty this earth has to offer and how quickly the scenery can change. northern california is GORGEOUS fyi.. we went to napa valley and i was geeking out at every vineyard i saw with the beautiful mountains around them. we went to sacramento for a friends wedding and then drove down the coast. i ended up flying home out of LA to film some weddings back home and tanner is actually still there. and guess what.. it was my first time flying alone. after almost 26 years of life and i finally flew all by myself. i sat in the airport for 9 hours because tanner had to drop me off early so he could get to some meetings. it was honestly enjoyable. i can't remember the last time i had free time to just sit and read a book. i started and finished "the fault in our stars" and i'm really excited to see the movie. or am i? that book tore at my heart and i'm sure the movie will do the same. anyway, it was a good trip to get away for a little while and to spend time with tanner. it was fun. 

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