Monday, February 27, 2012


 we moved proof over the weekend into a cool new place. the outside looks like a western saloon and the inside has wood panels. very fitting for them. things just weren't working out to well having the business in the house :)

we got away to mccall late friday night and did some skiing on saturday. the snow was good. and cold. very very cold. we took a long nap in the late afternoon which rarely happens so i loved it. we came home for church on sunday and it was our last time teaching our sweet sunbeams. i'll miss those 'lil munchkins. we played duck duck goose and one boy in our class kept saying "duck, duck, gooser!" it was cute. we sat by a lady in church who was pretty weird. she kept having tanner and i smell her essential oil and asking if we could feel our stress releasing. then she told me her phone was possessed by satan. really strange, huh? 
we got everything put away and settled into our new place last night and today we went shopping for some decor and groceries. i can't wait for it to warm up a bit so i can get some flowers planted! it's really nice having our own place again but we've already been back to brooks and cristi's twice today. in fact, we're here right now because we don't have internet yet. we just can't get enough of those two :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


sometimes i get carried away with iphoto and thought i'd share a few lovelies with you. 

oy vey. what a day.. or should i say days. i've on the go non-stop with plenty of things to do. we FINALLY found a place to live. we both said yesterday that we don't care anymore where we live, we just need to settle on a place. and we did! it's not my ideal little victorian cottage, but it'll do. my mind was set when i noticed the rose bushes in the front yard.. 
proof is also moving their business so we have lots to do this weekend! well, in between skiing of course. well, there goes my 10 minutes for blogging. night!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ryan elisabeth

there were some booths at the tradeshow that really caught my eye. ryan elisabeth was one of them.
her work is beautiful! i am fascinated with people who can create such lovely things and who can be so creative. i asked ryan to fill you ladies in on how she got started and where she is now.
Okay so some background info....
I'm originally from Las Vegas. Born & raised.
I now go to school in NYC at Parsons School of Design. I will graduate next year.
I recently found a necklace I made when I was five (it's terribly ugly but in a cute way) so I guess I've been making jewelry since then. I started my business over a year ago. I was frustrated with the meaning behind a lot of design and set out to have a clear message. I first designed my line "As Time Goes By". Each watch locket is a pocket watch with the guts taken out. I then fill the watches with a new collage inspired by a woman in history (who inspires me) and each necklace comes with a tag about the woman and a quote by her. My goal was to educate people when they buy or look at my jewelry about the awesome ladies all around us. My most recent line came out a month ago - it's a bit more eclectic with hats and new jewelry's called "the Light City" and inspired by three months I spent living in Paris.

head on over to her website here! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

to portland and back..

in 48 hours. 

and good eats along the way. 
cristi and camilla were going to portland (eugene to be exact) to be apart of a photoshoot for solestrucks lookbook. i decided to jump in for the ride and i'm so glad i did! it was short, but awesome. camilla is a hair and makeup artist and cristi is a photographer. 
we left sunday afternoon and stopped in hood river to grab dinner. we arrived in eugene later that night and went out for a second dinner. we're on vacation, right?
 we woke up after a great nights sleep and were pretty much on the go until 5-ish monday night. we drove into portland where we grabbed another great dinner and basically pooped out at camillas friend's house. i shared a bed with cristi and that poor girl had me cuddled up to her as i dreamed of the biebs. we made it back to boise by 4:30 this afternoon. 
i forget how much i love girl time! i love to just talk and have them understand exactly how i'm feeling. we spent a lot of time in the car and had plenty of time to talk about, well, everything. i got a lot of things off my chest and a lot of good advice... not that i can't talk to tanner, it's just different with girls. i feel refreshed and ready to start going at things again!
 i can't wait to share the lookbook once its completed! everything turned out so perfect.. even though it rained the whole time. the models were beautiful with the coolest outfits and shoes. i'm really glad i got to be there and watch the whole think happen!

Friday, February 17, 2012


i'm over at howdoesshe today giving fashion advice on how to dress your man!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

magic trade show

i mentioned in my last posts that we were in vegas for a fashion trade show called "magic." i realized that i keep talking about it, but i haven't really shown pictures or talked about what magic is. basically, just about every clothing, accessory, and shoe brand is there to promote their new lines coming out. i love going and i love to see what great things are coming out. did i mention this show is HUGE?? it's nearly impossible to see every booth. there are miles and miles and rows and rows of stuff. proof was in a section called "pool" which is newer brands looking for recognition and to be put into stores. we had great success and had some awesome accounts! we drove to utah after the show but didn't arrive until 2 in the morning and then we had to leave by 7 to get to boise at noon. we were so tired. so so tired. this show is excited but also exhausting. i think we will sleep well tonight :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

featured blogger "pink peonies"

Blouse: Nords | Skirt: J.Crew | Necklace: J.Crew | Tights: Express | Shoes: Sam Eldeman | Belt: J.Crew | Jewelery: J.Crew, F21, Nadri | Clutch: Hobo via Nords
Hello ladies, I'm Rach from Pink Peonies and I'm really excited to be here to talk to all you fashionistas about
accessorizing+adding a little flare to your looks.

I love to accessorize!!! Statement necklaces, layering bracelets and patterned tights are among some
of my favorite ways to accessorize + add some flare. A clutch and a skinny belt can be a great and easy way to add to your look as well.
Don't be afraid to try new things, be a little daring. 
Accessories don't have to complete your outfit, sometimes they can be the outfit and in this case,
the statement necklace and the tights are the outfit, the skirt and blouse just cover me {in my opinion}.

What are some of your favorite ways to accessorize?

For more outfit inspiration and fashion tips visit and follow my blog here



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

our vegas valentines

 don't you love the cat?

honestly, i kept forgetting today was valentines day. since our anniversary is on the 13th, this beloved day is overlooked. and i'm a-ok with that. we are keeping our thai food tradition alive since we did the same last year with brooks and cristi. and obviously this year it wasn't any more romantic :)
vegas has been good to us but it's not as exciting as it used to be. we've been in vegas a lot recently and it starts to loose it's charm... if you can call it that. it's also chilly outside so i don't care to walk around. these lovely pictures were taken from our car with the heater blasting and my seat warmer on. the show has been a lot of fun and i can't wait to show pictures of some of the cool fashion i'm seeing!
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