Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ryan elisabeth

there were some booths at the tradeshow that really caught my eye. ryan elisabeth was one of them.
her work is beautiful! i am fascinated with people who can create such lovely things and who can be so creative. i asked ryan to fill you ladies in on how she got started and where she is now.
Okay so some background info....
I'm originally from Las Vegas. Born & raised.
I now go to school in NYC at Parsons School of Design. I will graduate next year.
I recently found a necklace I made when I was five (it's terribly ugly but in a cute way) so I guess I've been making jewelry since then. I started my business over a year ago. I was frustrated with the meaning behind a lot of design and set out to have a clear message. I first designed my line "As Time Goes By". Each watch locket is a pocket watch with the guts taken out. I then fill the watches with a new collage inspired by a woman in history (who inspires me) and each necklace comes with a tag about the woman and a quote by her. My goal was to educate people when they buy or look at my jewelry about the awesome ladies all around us. My most recent line came out a month ago - it's a bit more eclectic with hats and new jewelry's called "the Light City" and inspired by three months I spent living in Paris.

head on over to her website here! 


  1. Omg I grew up with Ryan and her sister Savanah! They lived in our neighborhood and ward! So funny! What a small world!

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  3. That is such a cute idea - the pocket watches! Love it!


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