Thursday, February 23, 2012


sometimes i get carried away with iphoto and thought i'd share a few lovelies with you. 

oy vey. what a day.. or should i say days. i've on the go non-stop with plenty of things to do. we FINALLY found a place to live. we both said yesterday that we don't care anymore where we live, we just need to settle on a place. and we did! it's not my ideal little victorian cottage, but it'll do. my mind was set when i noticed the rose bushes in the front yard.. 
proof is also moving their business so we have lots to do this weekend! well, in between skiing of course. well, there goes my 10 minutes for blogging. night!



  1. Darlene, your pictures made me laugh!! Love seeing the goofy side of you!

  2. Little man and I especially loved the video!


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