Tuesday, May 5, 2015

car camping over the weekend

^^all of these were taken on our drive to kirkham hot springs. tanner and i easily get set on the destination and forget to just enjoy the journey. we have finally come to realize that they are both just as good! the sun looked so beautiful as it was setting that we had to stop to enjoy it, even though we were rushing to set up camp. 

^^from my understanding, these are the kirkham hot springs. we were later told there were other pools closer to the river that we didn't get to. i'm sure we will before the summer is over. tanner has been a hot spring fool lately. 

^^i tried taking a picture of us before bed and let's just say, it was a shot in the dark ;) 

^^good morning! 

^^i woke up in the middle of the night, freezing my tail off. we had always shared a huge sleeping bag but tanner got us two separate mummy bags he wanted to test out. i don't like sleeping with my head under anything but i had to keep my head tucked away in order to stay warm. i was more worried about cuba being in the cabin of the truck and hoping she was staying warm. i kept picturing us waking up to a frozen, stiff dog haha. but, not haha.. that would kill me. anyway, we woke up early to head out to help tanner's parents move all day saturday. on our way out we stopped and had breakfast in horseshoe bend at a restaurant i've always wanted to try. i'm glad we did because now i never have to wonder anymore.. and we won't be going back. it was a quick, sunset, sunrise kind of camping trip and i loved it. i didn't grow up camping so it's not exactly my cup of tea, but i won't complain. there's something about falling asleep to the fire and waking up to the sun that makes me happy. well, and an air mattress in the back of of truck was not only comfortable but made me feel safe and i wasn't up all night worrying about bears. 
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