Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

the wallowas

^^this was hilarious. tanner was so excited to see this zip line and he totally got stuck when we went on it. he started getting shaky because he couldn't hold himself any longer and i wasn't any help because i couldn't stop laughing. he eventually just dropped into the water..  i guess you just had to be there. 
our last stop for the seven wonders of oregon was the wallowas. we stayed in catherine creek state park and it sure was beautiful and relaxing. we hiked a little when we woke up to get cuba's energy out and then pretty much fished for the rest of the day. tanner caught a few little guys and i swam around the cold water a little bit. i fell asleep on the drive home and woke up to tanner suddenly pulling over.. i asked him what was going on and he jumped out with his fishing pole and told me to come. it was supperrr hot and when i'm woken up from a nap, i tend to be onery. so onery little me followed tanner as he walked to a "secret" fishing hole he spotted while driving. it was right off the freeway and under a train track bridge and i was freaking myself out thinking there were rattle snakes. and i did see snake skins around.. but no snakes.. thank freaking goodness. tanner actually caught some decent sized fish so he got his fishing fix in. after we ventured into boise and spent the evening surfing the river and eating from a taco truck. it was a wonderful week and i am glad we got the chance to travel through oregon.

hood river // columbia river gorge

^^i spoil this beautiful dog

 i love hood river. the town is adorable and it was a perfect day while we were there. hood river is known for wind surfing and kite boarding so we watched them while laying on the grass. our road trip was busy and we were on the go so it was nice to just relax in the warm sun. that night we stayed in catherine creek state park and had delicious tin foil dinners, for dinner. i had been reading elizabeth smarts book aloud to tanner while we drove and that night we finished it while sitting by the campfire. i really liked reading out loud to tanner.. for some reason i found it romantic? something was sweet about tanner being intriged and curious and asking me not to stop. i loved it.  


mt. hood

^^i post this picture, just to remember getting lost, due to our gps. we were trying to find a waterfall where you could supposedly swim in the water hole but we our gps brought us way up a mountain, on a narrow dirt road (so fun in an rv..) and stopped in the middle of nowhere. at least we had a beautiful view while eating our lunch. 

^^see all the catepillars? the tree was covered

 ^^cuba is the best dishwasher

 one day, before i die, i would love to snowboard somewhere during the summer and then on the same day, take a dip in a lake below. we looked into riding mt. hood but it wouldn't work with our time frame. i have also always wanted to see mt. hood in mirror lake but as you can tell, it was overcast that day so we couldn't see hood's reflection, or the mountain for that matter. we took a long walk around the lake and then went up to the mountain to check it out. it was a little on the chilly side but we got some nice sunshine as we ventured on to hood river. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

oregon coast // pt. 2

 we went to indian beach, in cannon beach, last year and wanted to go again. we had awesome weather last year and this time it was a bit on the nippy and dreary side. the mist was really heavy and my hair was wet even though i couldn't feel it getting wet. again, cuba and i watched tanner surf from the beach. tanner said the water was so cold it felt like he was getting punched in the head every time he went under. not my ideal weather for the beach, but the scenery was beautiful. i've never even touched the water in oregon because i know it's just cold.. maybe one day i will.

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