Wednesday, November 30, 2011


cristi and i didn't want our vacation to end so to extend it longer, we went out for a date monday night. we just can't get enough of our husbands. truly.
we had eaten tacos all last week so nothing sounded better than.... burgers of course. and where else would we go than the wild west, with the best burgers in town?
sadly, we were shot down at the wild west. i guess they close at 6 on mondays and thursdays. i know, random. although i would've been satisfied going to carls jr. we went to bardenas and all ordered the same burger. with sweet potato fries. 
it was great!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

take me back


Monday, November 28, 2011

thanksgiving in cabo

we spent thanksgiving in cabo san lucas with all the dames. basically, it was a week full of family, tacos, fish, sun, pina coladas, and sitting pool/beach-side. all of which i am very thankful for. 
on thursday, the boys went deep sea fishing while the girls went to the spa.
my mother in law was so sweet and bought all the daughter in laws massages. this was my first time experiencing a "spa day" and i think i could get used to them. 
we lounged in the sauna and hot tub, sipping a special flower drink, and just soaked in the goodness. only to be taken away for our massages. 
after, we got back into our robes and slippers, and went right back to lounging in the hot tub with our flower drinks. it was heaven in heaven. 
on thanksgiving we had a full turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, pumpkin pie, rolls and pina colada for dinner. although we couldn't find yams (which is my favorite part) we were happy to find all this in mexico. 
yesterday at the airport coming home, tanner and i were offered $1,200 worth of flying vouchers and a free night stay at an all inclusive resort if we would give our seats to other people and fly home the next day. duh, of course we would. but, they took our dream away and said they got everything figured out. we were a little bummed. okay, we were really bummed and tanner is still talking about it. 
well, i never did make my "thankful list" since i didn't have good internet so if you're still reading, here it goes.
date nights
clean house
good smells
warm showers
clean sheets
cozy soft blankets
fire places
fall leaves
spring flowers
christmas lights
christmas trees
vanilla chai
all holidays
and i could go on and on and on. my life is too blessed to not be thankful for everything.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

meggies love

hope you all had a good weekend! i sure did. after tanner was done being sick, we went out for a date. and now we're off to cabo for a week! 
i'll soak up some sun for you, but another way to stay warm is to check out megans new stuff over at meggies love! as you can tell, it's all really cute and the yarn is so soft and warm.


Friday, November 18, 2011

breaking dawn

i loved breaking dawn! cristi and i went to the midnight opening last night (morning?)
after it ended, we just looked at each other and was like... no words.
then once we left the theater, we couldn't stop talking about it. 
this was my favorite book of the twilight series, and i'm not by any means a twi-hard
(almost took my 2 years to finish the 2nd book)
but i thought they did a great job with the detail, passion, and emotion. 
i know there are mixed feelings about this one, but overall i loved it. 
can't wait to watch it again. and the second half.

cristi left to get a drink and i decided to take a picture of our sneaky candy bag. i took out my camera and a lady came up behind me and said "excuse me, m'am?" i was like ah dang, they're going to take my candy away. but no, she said "your friend is going to have to leave the theater." 
i looked at her very confused, "what? why? the movie hasn't even started."
she continued, "your friend stepped over the chair instead of walking down the aisle. i'm going to have to tell her to leave."
me: "are you serious? it is more convienient for her to jump over the chair then to walk down the aisle... do you even work here?"
then she started laughing and said she was wanting to prank someone all night.
crazy lady if you ask me.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

the good stuff

 it's a little sad that fall is already over. there are still some pretty leaves on the trees here, but it sure is getting cold. at least lots of good things come once it's cold.
and it's a good thing i love the snow.
i can't wait to spend thanksgiving with my in-laws. getting together with the dames is always so much fun. the five brothers are so funny and loud. it's always a good time.
this year we're finally going to my parents for christmas. 
it's been three years since i've been home for christmas. there's lots of laughing, sleeping, eating, watching movies and getting catered to when i'm home. 
i love my big family.

pictures taken by cristi at truly, modly, deeply


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pretty P

pierina came through boise last night on her way to seattle. we went out to dinner downtown with the hollenbacks, and i ate the best pad thai i've ever had! hands down.
it's callin my name to come back. 
i also had another photoshoot with megan for meggies love. she has some CUTE stuff comin out. 
i'll post pictures soon!


Monday, November 14, 2011


congratulations to.......KandyJill!!
send me your address at and let me know
what wood and lens you would like for your cakes :)
(person picked by
don't worry, there will be more giveaways soon! 
and, you can always go to to get a pair.

i had been anticipating tanner coming home today for the last week in a half, but to my surprise
he flew home yesterday! excited would be an understatement.
he was tired from traveling so after dinner we went to our room,
opened our window to let the cold air in, got cozy in bed, drank apple juice, 
ate gummy bears, and watched movies.

it's always good having tanner home. 

(these were some of my favorite pictures that tan took)
tanner and i get a magnet when we go to a different country, so i asked him if he got one.
he said no, because we have to get one together. looks like someday i'll make it to china.


Friday, November 11, 2011

the nerves

i had a dermatology appointment this morning. my nerves started to kick in while i was eating
my breakfast. i really don't like going to the dermatologist. i reallllly don't like it. 
 i've had a few moles removed in the past, but picture this... 
right before the doc gives me the shot to numb the area, i whip out my ipod, turn up the volume 
all the way, close my eyes very tight, and grab hold of anything.
knowing i was going to get a few removed this morning, i got nervous. 
golden moment this week:
tanner skyped me right before i had to leave. my nerves started calming down and it was so good being able to see and talk to him. thank goodness for technology.  
and tanner looked as cute as ever.

after a few minutes, i sadly had to leave to my appointment.
the nurse brought me to my boring, white room.
 i stripped down and put on my "hospital" gown and waited.
the doctor came in, examined me, then told me i should get three removed all on my left chest area. 
i went to my purse for my ipod.. but i forgot it! 
i had to come up with a solution and quick. 
i didn't know what to do so i just started talking. and talking. and talking. i talked about
anything and everything.
i jibbered the doctors head off. poor guy.
it was the only thing to keep my mind off of my three little shots. 
everything went well.
i got up from the bed and had left a puddle of sweat behind. a puddle my friends. 
and now i've been holding my left arm like it's broken.
tanner always tells me that "it's all in my head." nawww. my arm might as well be broken.

happy weekend! 

annnd these pics have nothing to do with the story

photo credit to cristi at truly, modly, deeply

Thursday, November 10, 2011



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

back in black

well, i never really left the color black. but here i am, wearing it yet again. i think i wear something black everyday. and no, i don't feel depressed. i'm happy. 
anyways, everyone has their own niche that makes their fashion, well their fashion.
mine is black. 
whats yours?

photo credit to cristi at truly modly deeply

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 a wonderful lady invited me over to give me a free hour massage. what an angel, right?
she is trying to build her business and i would HIGHLY recommend her. 
i have had a massage from a 5 star spa, and she was right up their alley. but better, because her prices are great. shoot her an email at
i almost fell asleep on my drive home. it was that good. 

photo credits to cristi at truly modly deeply

tanner/proof update: i was getting a little worried after not hearing from tanner for 5 days of him being in china. by himself. but, he finally sent me a love email and he is being productive. i'm grateful he is safe. just wish i could hear from him more. only a week left!

don't forget to enter the proof sunglass giveaway here!!
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