Friday, November 11, 2011

the nerves

i had a dermatology appointment this morning. my nerves started to kick in while i was eating
my breakfast. i really don't like going to the dermatologist. i reallllly don't like it. 
 i've had a few moles removed in the past, but picture this... 
right before the doc gives me the shot to numb the area, i whip out my ipod, turn up the volume 
all the way, close my eyes very tight, and grab hold of anything.
knowing i was going to get a few removed this morning, i got nervous. 
golden moment this week:
tanner skyped me right before i had to leave. my nerves started calming down and it was so good being able to see and talk to him. thank goodness for technology.  
and tanner looked as cute as ever.

after a few minutes, i sadly had to leave to my appointment.
the nurse brought me to my boring, white room.
 i stripped down and put on my "hospital" gown and waited.
the doctor came in, examined me, then told me i should get three removed all on my left chest area. 
i went to my purse for my ipod.. but i forgot it! 
i had to come up with a solution and quick. 
i didn't know what to do so i just started talking. and talking. and talking. i talked about
anything and everything.
i jibbered the doctors head off. poor guy.
it was the only thing to keep my mind off of my three little shots. 
everything went well.
i got up from the bed and had left a puddle of sweat behind. a puddle my friends. 
and now i've been holding my left arm like it's broken.
tanner always tells me that "it's all in my head." nawww. my arm might as well be broken.

happy weekend! 

annnd these pics have nothing to do with the story

photo credit to cristi at truly, modly, deeply


  1. Oh girl I feel you! I just had my 5th mole removed... And this was the second time they did this one... and it was on my neck! yucko. I've found when they do the anesthesia if I take a huge breath in and do a yoga exhale while they inject--it's a breeze. You're beautiful! I want to see you in real life, now! Will you be home for Christmas?

  2. Aw Dar you are so cute. I read this & got sick to my stomach for you...I obviously have a hate/love for getting moles removed. BLAH But it's all over until next time! So cute that Tanner calms you down..I love love. Your blog is so cute! I am an avid follower(:


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