Monday, November 14, 2011


congratulations to.......KandyJill!!
send me your address at and let me know
what wood and lens you would like for your cakes :)
(person picked by
don't worry, there will be more giveaways soon! 
and, you can always go to to get a pair.

i had been anticipating tanner coming home today for the last week in a half, but to my surprise
he flew home yesterday! excited would be an understatement.
he was tired from traveling so after dinner we went to our room,
opened our window to let the cold air in, got cozy in bed, drank apple juice, 
ate gummy bears, and watched movies.

it's always good having tanner home. 

(these were some of my favorite pictures that tan took)
tanner and i get a magnet when we go to a different country, so i asked him if he got one.
he said no, because we have to get one together. looks like someday i'll make it to china.



  1. Shuuuut Uppppp!!! AHHH I am SO excited!!! :) :) :) :)

    Haha this is so ironic. I've NEVER won ANYTHING in my life and then a couple months ago I won a Meggie's Love giveaway, and now I won yours! :) WOO HOO! Looks like my luck is changing! :)

    I will email you!

    SO EXCITED!!!!!

  2. that's china for you.
    that last pic is frame worthy
    CLASSIC asia
    i love it so much



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