Wednesday, November 28, 2012

temple square

tanner and i went home to utah for thanksgiving. i can't get over how much i enjoyed our weekend there. usually we're there for a day or less and feel really rushed. this time, we got to take it easy and do what we wanted to. my mom put together an awesome thanksgiving spread and everything tasted perfect. i hope to one day get to her level with cooking. before dinner, we all went to the park and played basketball and threw the football around. i hadn't done that in a long time and had a lot of fun. that night we went to my cousins house and i got to catch up with relatives that i haven't seen in years. it's strange how fast time flies. on friday we did some black friday shopping.. not necessarily for the top deals, but we did find some great discounted items, including a vacuum. hallelujah! after three years of marriage we finally own a vacuum! i even got a sewing machine.. just need to re-learn how to use it :) on saturday we went to park city where i had lunch with some high school girlfriends. although we're all married and some have kids, we can always catch up from where we left off.  we will always be best friends and i will always love that. that night we met with my brothers and sister to have dinner at the spaghetti factory then went to temple square to see the lights. again, i truly enjoyed every moment. we walked over to the city creek mall and i too, like everyone else, was shocked at how incredible it is. insane! well, i wasn't planning on writing anything and now i've made this really long. and now i feel like i do when i write in my personal journal. i start to write to it like it's a person. i even tell my journal goodnight or good morning. well, goodnight blog.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

berlin, germany

 i love carbs and that's all we ate on this trip
 we just HAD to get the dessert sample platter
piece of the berlin wall still standing
 the holocaust memorial
 where the berlin wall stood
the main thing that brought us to europe this past summer was the bread and butter trade show in berlin, germany. proof had a booth there so we spent four days in the city. we were happy with how the show went and hopefully (fingers crossed) they'll want to do it again. i got to watch my first real fashion show which i thought was pretty neat. and interesting.. 
berlin was an awesome city with SO MUCH FASHION! i couldn't believe how stylish nearly every person was. there were lots of great shopping areas and great places to eat.
we each took turns leaving the show so we could go explore the city and learn about the history. of course it's known for the holocaust and we got to experience a few things that tugged at my heart. it's so repulsive that it doesn't seem like it really could have happened. but it did, and of course it won't be forgotten. it was crazy to learn that the berlin wall was literally built over night. families were split, lovers were seperated, and there was nothing they could do about it. the wall was built based on your area code so your neighbor across the street could all of a sudden be living on the other side of a wall. it was nearly impossible to get through or over as well. i'm grateful i got to experience this part of europe and really feel for what these people went through. there is still a ton of construction and building of the city since those awful times. if anyone ever goes through europe, make berlin a priority because it's a true eye opener.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

prague, czech republic

prague was an unexpected delight. 
we only had a day to spend there and if we would have done our research, i'm sure we would've stayed a day or ten more. i have nothing but good memories of prague. it was the neatest mid-evil city that had so much history and architecture. no one really knew what it had to offer so we had no expectations, which may have been why we all loved it. the girls spent the morning eating the best french toast we've ever had while the boys had a meeting with some potential proof distributors. afterward we took a tour around the city and learned a lot about it. we were bummed we didn't have time to try more food there, but hopefully we'll go back one day ;)
aw prague, i love you.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

zach - emily

i loved shooting this wedding... even though it was a long three day ordeal. they had a dinner friday night, wedding and events all day saturday, and then brunch sunday morning. it was in beautiful mccall and everything about it was perfect. the bride and groom were the sweetest couple and were obviously in love. this is a wedding short i put together and i'm happy with it :) i hope you like it too.
zach & emily from darlene dame on Vimeo.

Monday, November 5, 2012

a little taste of europe

(quality a lot better in HD) these are just a few clips of our europe experience. i wish i would have taken more video, as well as brought a stabilizer.. if you're like my mom and get sick watching home videos, you might want to pass on this. the stops we made in europe were:

amsterdam, holland
vienna, austria
prague, czech republic
berlin, germany
fussen, germany
zeneggen, switzerland
zermatt, switzerland
florence, italy
pisa, italy
milan, italy
rome, italy

sadly, i lost some footage but i'm glad for what i was able to recover. we did all of this in a matter of 2.5 weeks which means we were on the go! planes, trains, and automobile my friends. but mostly trains. my favorite stops were prague, fussen, and all of switzerland. i already updated fussen and i'll hopefully get around to showing the rest :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

hi there

fussen, germany

maybe it's time to update about my summer. starting with my favorite travel spot.

i haven't updated my blog in a little while and was actually contemplating deleting it all together. then today, i hopped on and just couldn't. i was reading my last post and felt bad that i left off on such a negative note. although that week was terrible, and didn't end with roses, i over came it and life just got that much better. it always does.

basically with this blogging thing, i finally had to put my camera down and enjoy the moments i was in instead of trying to capture them. i got caught up in being someone/something i'm not. i wanted to be like other blogs and found myself mimicking them. and obviously, when you're trying to be like others, it's not you. i wanted followers and i wanted to be different and i wanted to somehow make money, but SO WHAT? this blog is for me. i don't journal so this is a great way for me to remember. which is why i can't delete it. i now couldn't give a hoot for who reads this besides myself. sooooo, i'm done ranting about that.

fussen, germany

i would move there in a heart beat.
i have only said that about one other place, midway utah, where i grew up. fussen was everything my personal fairytale would be. it was incredibly beautiful with a picturesque town. to me, this was heaven. i have always loved quaint, clean, beautiful places and this topped everything i could ever imagine. i loved it almost as much as i love tanner.
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