Monday, November 5, 2012

a little taste of europe

(quality a lot better in HD) these are just a few clips of our europe experience. i wish i would have taken more video, as well as brought a stabilizer.. if you're like my mom and get sick watching home videos, you might want to pass on this. the stops we made in europe were:

amsterdam, holland
vienna, austria
prague, czech republic
berlin, germany
fussen, germany
zeneggen, switzerland
zermatt, switzerland
florence, italy
pisa, italy
milan, italy
rome, italy

sadly, i lost some footage but i'm glad for what i was able to recover. we did all of this in a matter of 2.5 weeks which means we were on the go! planes, trains, and automobile my friends. but mostly trains. my favorite stops were prague, fussen, and all of switzerland. i already updated fussen and i'll hopefully get around to showing the rest :)


  1. oh, and to change the size of your video go into html mode of your post and edit it there manually. that's what i do if you can't get a bigger size from embedding it!


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