Thursday, November 1, 2012

hi there

fussen, germany

maybe it's time to update about my summer. starting with my favorite travel spot.

i haven't updated my blog in a little while and was actually contemplating deleting it all together. then today, i hopped on and just couldn't. i was reading my last post and felt bad that i left off on such a negative note. although that week was terrible, and didn't end with roses, i over came it and life just got that much better. it always does.

basically with this blogging thing, i finally had to put my camera down and enjoy the moments i was in instead of trying to capture them. i got caught up in being someone/something i'm not. i wanted to be like other blogs and found myself mimicking them. and obviously, when you're trying to be like others, it's not you. i wanted followers and i wanted to be different and i wanted to somehow make money, but SO WHAT? this blog is for me. i don't journal so this is a great way for me to remember. which is why i can't delete it. i now couldn't give a hoot for who reads this besides myself. sooooo, i'm done ranting about that.

fussen, germany

i would move there in a heart beat.
i have only said that about one other place, midway utah, where i grew up. fussen was everything my personal fairytale would be. it was incredibly beautiful with a picturesque town. to me, this was heaven. i have always loved quaint, clean, beautiful places and this topped everything i could ever imagine. i loved it almost as much as i love tanner.


  1. I love your blog and I love your new logo!

  2. yay so glad you realized that dar. please just always keep your blog "you" and you will love it all the more. it is a great journaling tool, same reason i blog. too many good memories to ever delete it. but i too find it important to sometimes set down the dang camera and actually enjoy the moment. happy blogging :) ps i dig the new layout.

  3. I am glad you are back Dar! I loved your new post.

  4. Yep yep yep! And thanks for the tip - Fussen is now on my Must See list. :)

  5. dar i totally agree. that's the reason you SHOULD blog, and i'm glad you're back :) it's hard not to get caught up in comparing and all the other cool people out there, but just being yourself is what matters most and i will always read your bloggy! love you dar!


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