Sunday, November 18, 2012

berlin, germany

 i love carbs and that's all we ate on this trip
 we just HAD to get the dessert sample platter
piece of the berlin wall still standing
 the holocaust memorial
 where the berlin wall stood
the main thing that brought us to europe this past summer was the bread and butter trade show in berlin, germany. proof had a booth there so we spent four days in the city. we were happy with how the show went and hopefully (fingers crossed) they'll want to do it again. i got to watch my first real fashion show which i thought was pretty neat. and interesting.. 
berlin was an awesome city with SO MUCH FASHION! i couldn't believe how stylish nearly every person was. there were lots of great shopping areas and great places to eat.
we each took turns leaving the show so we could go explore the city and learn about the history. of course it's known for the holocaust and we got to experience a few things that tugged at my heart. it's so repulsive that it doesn't seem like it really could have happened. but it did, and of course it won't be forgotten. it was crazy to learn that the berlin wall was literally built over night. families were split, lovers were seperated, and there was nothing they could do about it. the wall was built based on your area code so your neighbor across the street could all of a sudden be living on the other side of a wall. it was nearly impossible to get through or over as well. i'm grateful i got to experience this part of europe and really feel for what these people went through. there is still a ton of construction and building of the city since those awful times. if anyone ever goes through europe, make berlin a priority because it's a true eye opener.



  1. Hi there, I'm new to your blog and I'm loving your europe pictures!
    It looks like you had tons of fun. It really made me miss the time I spent there, though it was in france and spain..
    Have a great week!


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