Wednesday, November 28, 2012

temple square

tanner and i went home to utah for thanksgiving. i can't get over how much i enjoyed our weekend there. usually we're there for a day or less and feel really rushed. this time, we got to take it easy and do what we wanted to. my mom put together an awesome thanksgiving spread and everything tasted perfect. i hope to one day get to her level with cooking. before dinner, we all went to the park and played basketball and threw the football around. i hadn't done that in a long time and had a lot of fun. that night we went to my cousins house and i got to catch up with relatives that i haven't seen in years. it's strange how fast time flies. on friday we did some black friday shopping.. not necessarily for the top deals, but we did find some great discounted items, including a vacuum. hallelujah! after three years of marriage we finally own a vacuum! i even got a sewing machine.. just need to re-learn how to use it :) on saturday we went to park city where i had lunch with some high school girlfriends. although we're all married and some have kids, we can always catch up from where we left off.  we will always be best friends and i will always love that. that night we met with my brothers and sister to have dinner at the spaghetti factory then went to temple square to see the lights. again, i truly enjoyed every moment. we walked over to the city creek mall and i too, like everyone else, was shocked at how incredible it is. insane! well, i wasn't planning on writing anything and now i've made this really long. and now i feel like i do when i write in my personal journal. i start to write to it like it's a person. i even tell my journal goodnight or good morning. well, goodnight blog.

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  1. you got a sewing machine! is mama dame gonna help you? i can! glad you had fun with your family!


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