Monday, November 28, 2011

thanksgiving in cabo

we spent thanksgiving in cabo san lucas with all the dames. basically, it was a week full of family, tacos, fish, sun, pina coladas, and sitting pool/beach-side. all of which i am very thankful for. 
on thursday, the boys went deep sea fishing while the girls went to the spa.
my mother in law was so sweet and bought all the daughter in laws massages. this was my first time experiencing a "spa day" and i think i could get used to them. 
we lounged in the sauna and hot tub, sipping a special flower drink, and just soaked in the goodness. only to be taken away for our massages. 
after, we got back into our robes and slippers, and went right back to lounging in the hot tub with our flower drinks. it was heaven in heaven. 
on thanksgiving we had a full turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, pumpkin pie, rolls and pina colada for dinner. although we couldn't find yams (which is my favorite part) we were happy to find all this in mexico. 
yesterday at the airport coming home, tanner and i were offered $1,200 worth of flying vouchers and a free night stay at an all inclusive resort if we would give our seats to other people and fly home the next day. duh, of course we would. but, they took our dream away and said they got everything figured out. we were a little bummed. okay, we were really bummed and tanner is still talking about it. 
well, i never did make my "thankful list" since i didn't have good internet so if you're still reading, here it goes.
date nights
clean house
good smells
warm showers
clean sheets
cozy soft blankets
fire places
fall leaves
spring flowers
christmas lights
christmas trees
vanilla chai
all holidays
and i could go on and on and on. my life is too blessed to not be thankful for everything.


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