Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 a wonderful lady invited me over to give me a free hour massage. what an angel, right?
she is trying to build her business and i would HIGHLY recommend her. 
i have had a massage from a 5 star spa, and she was right up their alley. but better, because her prices are great. shoot her an email at momma.nmemassage@gmail.com
i almost fell asleep on my drive home. it was that good. 

photo credits to cristi at truly modly deeply

tanner/proof update: i was getting a little worried after not hearing from tanner for 5 days of him being in china. by himself. but, he finally sent me a love email and he is being productive. i'm grateful he is safe. just wish i could hear from him more. only a week left!

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  1. You're darling! Did Cristi take these photos?

  2. Glad you're surviving without your hubby around. I guess I shouldn't have complained that I had to be alone for three days, huh? Poor me. :)


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