Friday, November 18, 2011

breaking dawn

i loved breaking dawn! cristi and i went to the midnight opening last night (morning?)
after it ended, we just looked at each other and was like... no words.
then once we left the theater, we couldn't stop talking about it. 
this was my favorite book of the twilight series, and i'm not by any means a twi-hard
(almost took my 2 years to finish the 2nd book)
but i thought they did a great job with the detail, passion, and emotion. 
i know there are mixed feelings about this one, but overall i loved it. 
can't wait to watch it again. and the second half.

cristi left to get a drink and i decided to take a picture of our sneaky candy bag. i took out my camera and a lady came up behind me and said "excuse me, m'am?" i was like ah dang, they're going to take my candy away. but no, she said "your friend is going to have to leave the theater." 
i looked at her very confused, "what? why? the movie hasn't even started."
she continued, "your friend stepped over the chair instead of walking down the aisle. i'm going to have to tell her to leave."
me: "are you serious? it is more convienient for her to jump over the chair then to walk down the aisle... do you even work here?"
then she started laughing and said she was wanting to prank someone all night.
crazy lady if you ask me.



  1. tell me honestly...

    did you seriously NOT just bust up laughing at the wolves? i could not stop when they were arguing. holy crap. so funny. i liked it but i couldn't help but find some parts just hysterical.

  2. hahaha i did start laughing! cristi and i looked at each other and busted up.
    there's always cheesy parts.. but that, that was the cheesiest.
    definitely could have done without.
    what about the part in the beginning where the brother vampires jumped up to bellas window? that got me too.


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