Sunday, September 14, 2014

mt. hood

^^i post this picture, just to remember getting lost, due to our gps. we were trying to find a waterfall where you could supposedly swim in the water hole but we our gps brought us way up a mountain, on a narrow dirt road (so fun in an rv..) and stopped in the middle of nowhere. at least we had a beautiful view while eating our lunch. 

^^see all the catepillars? the tree was covered

 ^^cuba is the best dishwasher

 one day, before i die, i would love to snowboard somewhere during the summer and then on the same day, take a dip in a lake below. we looked into riding mt. hood but it wouldn't work with our time frame. i have also always wanted to see mt. hood in mirror lake but as you can tell, it was overcast that day so we couldn't see hood's reflection, or the mountain for that matter. we took a long walk around the lake and then went up to the mountain to check it out. it was a little on the chilly side but we got some nice sunshine as we ventured on to hood river. 

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