Tuesday, February 21, 2012

to portland and back..

in 48 hours. 

and good eats along the way. 
cristi and camilla were going to portland (eugene to be exact) to be apart of a photoshoot for solestrucks lookbook. i decided to jump in for the ride and i'm so glad i did! it was short, but awesome. camilla is a hair and makeup artist and cristi is a photographer. 
we left sunday afternoon and stopped in hood river to grab dinner. we arrived in eugene later that night and went out for a second dinner. we're on vacation, right?
 we woke up after a great nights sleep and were pretty much on the go until 5-ish monday night. we drove into portland where we grabbed another great dinner and basically pooped out at camillas friend's house. i shared a bed with cristi and that poor girl had me cuddled up to her as i dreamed of the biebs. we made it back to boise by 4:30 this afternoon. 
i forget how much i love girl time! i love to just talk and have them understand exactly how i'm feeling. we spent a lot of time in the car and had plenty of time to talk about, well, everything. i got a lot of things off my chest and a lot of good advice... not that i can't talk to tanner, it's just different with girls. i feel refreshed and ready to start going at things again!
 i can't wait to share the lookbook once its completed! everything turned out so perfect.. even though it rained the whole time. the models were beautiful with the coolest outfits and shoes. i'm really glad i got to be there and watch the whole think happen!

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  1. Jealous! I love me some girl time... but even more fun that it involved a road trip, photography, and beauty supplies! :)


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