Tuesday, February 14, 2012

our vegas valentines

 don't you love the cat?

honestly, i kept forgetting today was valentines day. since our anniversary is on the 13th, this beloved day is overlooked. and i'm a-ok with that. we are keeping our thai food tradition alive since we did the same last year with brooks and cristi. and obviously this year it wasn't any more romantic :)
vegas has been good to us but it's not as exciting as it used to be. we've been in vegas a lot recently and it starts to loose it's charm... if you can call it that. it's also chilly outside so i don't care to walk around. these lovely pictures were taken from our car with the heater blasting and my seat warmer on. the show has been a lot of fun and i can't wait to show pictures of some of the cool fashion i'm seeing!

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  1. We've been wanting to go to Vegas and now I want to go even more haha. Happy Anniversary by the way.


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