Tuesday, August 16, 2011

date night

to make up not seeing each other in over two weeks, we went out for a date night. we ate at fork and then went to see the movie crazy, stupid love. the food at fork is all locally grown and i highly recommend it :) we love summer nights so we ate on the patio which was streamed with lights and flowers.
there are a lot of restaurants and things to do in boise that we want to take advantage of so we decided to make date night a monthly thing and let each other plan it every other month.
i love having tanner home. 



  1. so so so soooooo glad you have a blog! did you get a new camera?? your pics are amazing!

  2. sounds like an amazing restaurant :)

  3. jen! it was good seeing you the other week! you looked beautiful as always. hope life is good :)


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