Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my first vent to the world

i've been feeling like i've been stuck in a rut. there are many things i want to do, but i'm having a hard time doing them. i want to learn the piano (realllly bad) but i don't have one to practice on. i want to improve my videography, but i don't have my own equipment. i want to put my degree to use, but i don't know what i want to do. i want to run a half marathon, but the closest one is on a sunday. i want to make beautiful dinners, but i don't have my own kitchen. i want to decorate cakes, but i will get fat. i want, i want, i want.. 
i just learned from venting in this post that i'm full of excuses. i believe that you can do anything in life as long as you put forth the effort. as for now, these are all goals that i will accomplish one day.
no more excuses. thank you blogger for helping me realize this.


  1. WOW i love that picture! and i totally feel ya dar. i can help teach you piano :) and decorate cakes and bring them to me. hehe. you can dooooo it!

  2. When we lived in Sacramento I would go over to the church building on activity nights when I knew it would be open and play the piano in the Relief Society room for an hour. You could always do that!

  3. you won't get fat, i promise. i had a friend that made cakes, started her own business and was incredible. she made bank in hawaii. and she ate and nibbled and dipped and is still a babe. and then she gave me the leftovers which was a total plus. do what you wanna do. invest in a canon t2i if you dont have enough money right now for what you want. you have to start small, one step at a time. with our videography we started small. the cameras we have now took yrs of saving and practicing on basic SLRs until we felt we deserved the upgrade. you can do it. we're all in the same boat.

  4. Hello Bloggie! Yay! You guys are so cute! Where are you now? I don't even know!!


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