Friday, August 19, 2011

my bad..

last night we invited drew and megan over for dinner and then to go to the fair. on our way to the fair, we kept talking about the funnel cakes, cotton candy and prizes we would win. we pulled into the empty parking lot and noticed that the rides weren't moving.. then we saw the sign. "boise fair, 19-28." we were a day too early. 
i drove past earlier that day and noticed the rides weren't moving, but i just thought it was too hot and they would burn peoples bums. we made up for the disappointment by getting ice cream at fanci freeze and then went to the cheap theater to watch the 4th pirates of the carribean. 
turned out to be a good night.



  1. yay for date nights! how fun. i wish we could join. maybe christmas season yes yes. i love my meggie. give her extra squeezes from kyfly :) this really makes me want a milkshake

  2. that is so funny!! we miss all your cute faces!!

  3. fun night! hahahahaha. so funny.


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