Tuesday, August 30, 2011


it's hard to explain what feelings really feel like. 

i'm in mccall for a girls retreat week. i have such happy feelings being here. i love the feelings i get looking at the glassy lake in the sunset. i love the smell of the pine trees and feeling the wind on my face while sitting in the front of the boat. i love keeping my feet in the shallows of the lake and feeling the wet sand in my toes. i love hearing the water splash on the shore. i love getting lost in thought as i lay on the dock looking at the beauty i'm surrounded by. i love all the wild flowers. i love going to the pancake house and ice cream alley. i love taking cool showers after laying in the sun all day. 

we watched a chick flick last night and i got that tingly, lovey, butterfly feeling when the boy and girl realized they were in love. (although it made me miss tanner) 

i was browsing through blogs late last night and saw holiday pictures. i don't know what the feelings are with holidays, but i felt them. and they felt good. i also saw pictures of true love... and got more lovey feelings.

i love the way i feel when tanner looks at me a certain way and when we have best friend conversations.

i love feelings. especially the good ones. and the best way i can describe what a good feeling is, is love



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