Monday, January 30, 2012

winter carnival

candyland was my personal favorite

we met up with brooks, cristi, and nixon for the winter carnival on saturday morning. of course we ate at the pancake house and of course there was over an hour wait. we walked around some of the sculptures while we were waiting to be seating and it was COLD!! we didn't get to far before we made our way back to the pancake house to warm up. we ended up staying and looked around the christmas shop. breakfast was really good. i ordered my pineapple sourdough pancake with coconut syrup like usual and the first bite always makes me happy. 
after we were too full to get up, we managed to venture out to check out the rest of the sculptures. sadly, they were lacking this year. could have been the delay of snow, but not as many people participated like usual. that doesn't mean the town wasn't crazy busy. i have never seen so many people in mccall. 
it was really fun to be amidst the hustle and bustle of this little town!

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