Thursday, January 19, 2012

i'm tryin

i'm trying to eat a bit healthier. my boot camp instructor told me that 80% of my workout is my diet. 
at first i thought, ah phewy. and then i noticed a difference by cutting my carbs and sugars a little. i haven't knocked them out of my diet completely. i think i'd die. i just don't indulge on them like usual. sometimes when i eat i have to remind myself i'm not a starving person and i will be eating again. sorry, that sounded a bit rude.. but really, i'm very blessed that food is something i don't need to worry about. now, in these pictures is a fruit and spinach smoothie. i've heard great things about it and they were all right. i did add some sugar.. although i don't think you're supposed to. i shared some with tanner and told him there was spinach in it and he didn't believe me. so, this is now my secret smoothie. it's great for after working out!

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  1. I make those smoothies too..instead of sugar though I just add some vanilla yogurt!


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