Thursday, September 15, 2011

i did it!

i signed myself up for my first half marathon! my new years goal was to run a full marathon by the end of the year.. let's just say, it's not gonna happen. maybe next year i'll give it another shot. i'm running in the provo, utah halloween marathon on october 29th. 
i've only heard good things about enduring on of these things so hopefully i'll feel the same! 
this is what a breakfast of champions looks like. peanut butter and honey toast (of course) and greek yogurt with blueberries. have you ever had greek yogurt?! today was my first try and i loved it!  i'm not a fan of regular yogurt. but, this isn't your regular yogurt. it's greek.

proof update: the boys are working on their new website which should launch by the end of the month! the person putting it together has been doing a great job and is very on top of things. 
have a great friday! 


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  1. props to you for signing up! wow! Please tell me people run it in a costume.
    I can't even imagine.

    and I LOVE greek yogurt. yumm.

    cute blog!



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