Tuesday, September 20, 2011

over the weekend..

sooo the weekend was pretty good. friday night we went to hyde park for dinner, then listened to live music and looked at booths. everything was very on the "hippie" side. not quite my taste, but fun nonetheless.
i had work off saturday and tanner had his hopes up all week to get breakfast at kneaders because they have all you can eat french toast.. but, we were 15 minutes too late and missed it. tanner couldn't get his mind off of breakfast so we ended up at ihop. blahhh. we met up with brooks and cristi and walked around the farmers market downtown and saw all the nice local things. that night we bbq'd and watched the byu vs. utah game. no comment there.
 my secret dream: to own a vintage candy/soda shop. not a secret anymore.

 could he get any cuter?
 critst, the cupcake princess


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