Monday, September 12, 2011


i'm working at a clothing consignment store called "again" in eagle. which is actually ironic because, you see, before i worked here i hated even going inside second hand clothing places. if i did go in, i wouldn't touch anything and i would try to hold my breath. why do these places smell bad? how in the world do people shop at these places? there is so much, stuff. but here i am, working, at a second hand clothing store. BUT, this place is decorated cute like a boutique and it smells good. i'm also learning that buying peoples used clothes isn't that bad. in fact, you can find some cute things. 
i've noticed four distinct things that go through my mind while i'm working.
1. why does my voice get an octave (or two) higher than it really is when i greet someone coming in?
2. i have a habit of looking for garment marks through peoples clothes. 
3. teenage girls are cute when they shop with their friends. i love the excitement they have.
4. i never thought "heart of gold" by neil diamond could get annoying.. but it does when you hear it 5 times a day

proof side note: they entered dell's "americas favorite small business" contest yesterday so wish them luck! the winner gets $25,000 worth of dell products as well as a $50,000 credit card from mastercard. not a bad gig. 


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