Friday, October 28, 2011

marathon (okay, half marathon)

well, it's here. i am running my first half marathon tomorrow! eeeee! 
i didn't look at the details for what i was signing up for, but duh, it's a halloween marathon. you wear costumes. i wasn't really aware of this 'til yesterday. i didn't want to do this by myself anymore so i talked my brother into signing up. i'm so grateful he is running with me!
he even had to pay double the price..
anybody have some ideas for what i should wear? that's manageable to run in?

on a completely different note, i had a dream that i had a beard. when i looked closer, my beard was made of ramen noodles. i was growing ramen noodles out of my face. 

happy halloween weekend!!

(tanner and taylor)


  1. haha we had the EXACT costumes growing up

  2. that's fantastic!! how did it go?? 3 of my sisters in law ran that half! They said all the costumes were so entertaining and helped distract from their legs killing ;) What did you end up dressing as?

    PS - your little hubs as a tiger is adorable :)


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