Tuesday, October 18, 2011

pumpkin patch

i haven't been to the pumpkin patch since i was a little girl but living with a 19 month old gave us the excuse the go. we went on saturday and it was a surprisingly hot morning/afternoon. we had all dressed for that "perfect fall weather" but we enjoyed it non the less. brooks mentioned that farmers make more money turning their crops into these "pumpkin patches" and i believe him. a lot of people go to these things. 

i adore this man

that night tanner and i got dinner at a mongolian bbq and then watched the boise hockey team lose to the utah grizzlies. we bet on the game of course, and i won a yogurt and a head message.  i shared my yogurt with tanner.  

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  1. oooh i miss going to the pumpkin patch. fun! cute pictures!


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