Friday, December 23, 2011


we were just talking about all the good friends we have. we got to hang out with lex and loren brinton during the first of the week in boise. we went to breakfast at 7:30 monday morning at kneaders and then to "home of the scones" that night around 11. i was informed that "home of the scones" was actually called merrits. and i wish i had gotten pictures of everyone, but they kind of make fun of me for blogging so i passed. next time i will though. anyways, i woke up the next morning to a text from lex with a picture of their family van completely consumed in flames. apparently it had blown up right after they had dropped us off that night. i'm not sure if i can share details of this story though, they're still sensitive about it :) lex is the best person in the world for food advice. so next time anyone is in boise, give her a ring and she'll tell you exactly where to go. today we saw ben and amanda castleberry and they're great for traveling advice. they got me itching to go to marraco and venice. someday.. then we saw chris and mary davis. oh man, i hope we can live by each other someday. i call us bosom buddies. we've had some good times recently seeing friends. i wish i could happen more often but it just makes the times we do, that much better. 


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