Monday, December 12, 2011

weekend with my sweets

he was obviously excited for his breakfast burrito. but he ended up eating most of my pancake.
that's okay because they're huge.
tanner and i went up to my in-laws cottage in tamarack for the weekend. we were hoping to possibly hike and ski, but the snow was scarce. there isn't any internet (hallelujah!) so we watched lots of movies, sat in the hot tub and got stomach aches from shuga. it's a rare occasion to get tanner to just sit and watch a movie without a laptop or ipad on his lap, so i realllllly enjoyed this. 
we went to the pancake house for breakfast and ate the worlds best pancake. i crave these often and i'm glad i don't have to go too far to get one. it's a sourdough pineapple pancake with coconut syrup. and it's heaven.
there will be many more weekends of this to come. 
except with more skiing/snowboarding. hopefully.


  1. what a cozy little get-away, i love it!

  2. how fun! and i didnt know you knew abigail, haha small world!

  3. oh your weekend looked positively dreamy :) movies, snuggling, sweets with the it all!! and the photos captured it perfectly :)

    and i had house of pancakes' white chocolate chip macadamia nut pancake once...heavenly to say the least.


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