Thursday, December 29, 2011

winter wonderland

we're very excited to see that there is snow here in mccall. although it doesn't compare to last season at this time, it's still something. i've never seen a person more excited to watch snow fall than tanner. he's more excited than a kid in a candy shop. he is a lover of that pretty white stuff and a man of my own heart. just look at how cute he is.
i was thinking today about how much i love having seasons. i couldn't live in a place that was an average temperature year round. there's something exciting me to have the seasons change. i feel like spring is just around the corner, even though winter has just begun. 
(it could be all the rain we've been having...) 
i love the spring flowers, the warm summer nights, the fall leaves, and the snow. 
i love the smells and feelings that come along with them.
i love that seasons keep me finding new things to do and new things to bake and new things to wear.
(it could be my obsession with pinterest...)
either way, i love the seasons.



  1. i TOTALLY AGREE! where did tanner get his crew neck sweatshirt? i have been looking all over for one for drew with no luck. help!

  2. ahhhh rub it in to the hawaiians :( haha! jk :) i love the seasons too and miss them a lot. and it will continue my whole life cause we are movie to san diego once chase is done. humph. awesome, but still...seasonless.


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